Speaking Engagements & Presentations

The goal of The Power of Safety 24/7 presentation is to provide a message and framework to allow companies to reduce incident rates by focusing on changing beliefs, which can create significant changes in behaviors. Objectives include:

The Power of Safety 24/7 principles are brought to life through engagement with the audience. The message is clear… reducing incidents requires we consciously choose to do the right thing.

Customer Feedback From Presentations

The safety presentation made by Greg Anderson at our operations conference was just the kind of cultural reinforcement to safety that we were looking for. Greg did an excellent job of demonstrating how an Incident-Free Culture can be created within any organization. Our company believes that preventing any and all accidents is an accomplishable goal; Greg introduced several concepts to help us achieve that goal.

He takes a field-level approach in his delivery and focuses on the humanistic ramifications of a successful safety culture. Any company, its employees, and its customers would benefit from a regular training regime implementing these principals.

T. M. “Roe” Patterson
Vice President
Basic Energy Services

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