J.R. Staines

J. R. Staines (Randy) is the owner of TechServ and has served as the Chief Executive Officer from the company's beginning in 1992. In addition to his management responsibilities with TechServ, Mr. Staines provides assistance to clients on topics including training program development, training methods, training technology, remote site training, and use of virtual training techniques. His experience in labor relations and arbitration for the power generation, power transmission, and distribution and mining industries provide a base of knowledge to support a variety of client needs and requirements. Mr. Staines has operated within the regulated power industry and in cooperation with safety regulatory agencies such as MSHA, OSHA, and state public utility commissions. This experience prepares him to assist clients in compliance and safety programs. Randy is responsible for the financial stability of TechServ and has positioned the company to provide project support to clients within financial restraints. His participation on advisory boards of several technical colleges allows him to bring clients a broad view of employee knowledge and skill requirements, and to provide economically sound training. Mr. Staines holds an Associate Degree in Electronic Technology from Tyler Junior College.

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J. Randall Pritchard, P.E.

J. Randall Pritchard, P.E (Randall), the Director of Energy Support and a principal consultant, is an experienced manager of the power generation industry. Mr. Pritchard provides valuable leadership to the Energy Support Service team within TechServ, and provides management and technical expertise to TechServ clients. His management and project knowledge equips clients with construction, maintenance, inspection, scheduling and administrative expertise that can be applied to many projects. His knowledge of electric transmission, power generation by gas and coal and facility requirements is invaluable in achieving the desired project completion in a service support environment. Mr. Pritchard's solid leadership provides clients with direct interface with TechServ management and assurance of completion of assigned tasks within budget and on schedule. Mr. Pritchard holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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Carrol W. Pilgrim

Carrol W. Pilgrim (C.W.) is a Transmission and Distribution Specialist and an integral member of the consulting team for TechServ. C. W. uses his expertise to support operations, maintenance, and construction of electric transmission and distribution systems. His immense management experience provides the knowledge to support organizational development, reviews and mergers, job scope definition, and management line functions and strategy. He supplies safety audits and accident investigations, without prejudice, in order to identify causes and develop lessons for future accident prevention. Mr. Pilgrim's project knowledge provides the basis for support in material coordination, project procedures, schedules, resource allocation, and management for construction and operating transmission systems. He is skilled at setting maintenance priorities, criteria, and procedures for transmission, substations, switchyards, and distribution systems. Mr. Pilgrim's stellar experience in managing the operations, maintenance and construction work of transmission, and distribution systems enables him to expertly advise TechServ clients. C. W. holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Tarlton State University.

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