Joint Use Administration

TechServ is uniquely qualified to perform most Joint Use requirements for owners of utility poles. Our client list is extensive and our track record is excellent regarding response, quality of personnel, and cost. All of our support is coordinated from our corporate office in Tyler, Texas. Our objective is to improve the efficiency of the joint-use management process for each client and assure the integrity of the client’s asset.

We work with Electric Utilities to:

Permitting & Pole Loading Analysis

TechServ provides joint use permitting and pole loading analysis for various companies across the state. These can be tailored to the company’s needs. We provide services ranging anywhere from providing pole ice and wind loading analysis and make ready recommendations to bring poles up to national electric safety codes specifications to complete joint use administration. This involves not only the approval of the permits processing all permits that come to the company but also providing post construction inspections after the attaching company has placed their facilities and making recommendations for any corrections that may be needed.


TechServ is skilled in conducting communication attachment audits for client electric utilities. TechServ identifies communication company ownership, line types, and National Electric Safety Code Violations. We also collect data necessary in identifying the location of such attachments with state of the art data collection software tools and GNSS handhelds to fit right into our clients GIS database.

Billing Services

TechServ also has the capability to handle all joint use billing to communication companies including but not limited to yearly pole rental invoices, attachment audit invoicing, and permit invoicing.

Mapping and GIS Support

TechServ understands that our client utilities rely on GIS technology to better meet the needs of their customers. TechServ’s Mapping and GIS support services provide utilities with an efficient, integrated platform for data management, planning and system analysis. From data derived from system inventories and audits, TechServ can provide our client with up to date digital mapping in almost any format to fit the clients current GIS platform which ultimately provides the utility with information to improve operational planning, system integrity, and asset management.

NESC Clearance Audits

TechServ offers a complete National Electric Safety Code clearance audit. Mostly conducted hand in hand with system inventories, TechServ can visually inspect and report NESC power to communication cable clearance issues, communication cable to ground, mid-span, and much more.