Electric Distribution

TechServ can provide a turn key solution tailored to fulfill our client’s need for many of tasks related to the design, asset management and operation of distribution Overhead and Underground facilities.

We ensure the work meets the customers standards and specifications. Listed below are many of the services that TechServ provides to our electric utility customers.

Engineering Design Services

TechServ is an Engineering Firm registered in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. We provide engineering services for large budget projects, pole replacement projects, highway relocations, new customer service, underground systems, and housing and commercial development projects.

Right-Of-Way Documentation

TechServ has qualified land men to acquire private easements from individuals for placement of new power lines and communication facilities as well as permit construction with both city, state, and highway department for construction of these on public ROW.

Line Staking

TechServ has qualified personnel with the capability to stake for new construction and compile survey notes for preparations of construction prints to building power lines.

Overhead and Underground Asset Inventory/Inspection and Management

TechServ inventories and inspects the work done with post-construction audits in order to ensure the work was built to the client’s specifications. We also oversee work during construction to ensure the work is done correctly and to the client’s specifications.

  1. Distribution System Assessment/Evaluation

  2. Pole Inspections
    a.Structural assessment of the asset, its hardware, conductors and surrounding site
    b.Pole and Equipment Tagging
    c.Identification of System Phasing
    d.Identification of NESC Violations and prescription of remedies
    e.Infrared Inspections of ROW

  3. Post Construction Audits/Inspections of competed projects.
    a.The inspector will conduct a detailed QA/QC analysis of the site to ensure that the asset was built according to the standards and to verify the environmental conditions of the site.

Overhead to Underground Conversions

TechServ has the experienced personnel to design and manage all aspects of overhead to underground conversion projects.

Overhead and Underground Relocation/Conversion Design

TechServ can perform plan and design distribution relocation projects from field evaluation through inspection of the completed work.

Distribution System's Inventory and Audits

TechServ provides experienced employees to inventory poles, document installed hardware and equipment, provide GPS coordinates of each pole with sub-meter accuracy, identify pole ownership, record meters and meter numbers, install and/or record pole tag numbers and document, and report damaged facilities.

TechServ is uniquely qualified to meet and exceed the client’s expectations when it comes to Utility Asset inventories and Audits.

  1. TechServ provides related services to various cooperatives, utility owners and municipalities across the country. The process for an Audit project is developed from the ground up by tailoring it to the client’s needs to insure accuracy of the data collected, professional interactions with the customers, and integration of the deliverable with the client’s Geographical Information System (GIS system).

  2. TechServ has completed cost-efficient solutions for any sized project: our company has completed audits for systems ranging in size from 50,000 poles to over 264,000 poles.

  3. TechServ will perform inventories and audits on existing distribution systems to ensure all installations are in compliance with the NESC minimum requirements.

  4. The management and engineering personnel at TechServ has extensive experience in handling multistage projects spanning multiple geographical areas. At TechServ, we implement the newest Geo-Spatial software to handle the flow of spatial data collected in the field.

  5. We ensure that each step of the process will meet or exceed our client’s expectations. TechServ develops its own data collection tools, and pairs them with real life navigation aid based on the clients pre-existing GIS data. Quality Assurance/Quality Check (QA/QC) protocols are digitally emphasized and maintained throughout the entire project cycle of data collection, data processing, and report generation.

  6. TechServ trains its own Field Technicians under the close supervision of an experienced Technician.

Electric Utility Systems Inventories

TechServ conducts system wide inventories for client electric utilities. Utilizing up to date data collection and GNSS equipment, we collect all location data at the client’s request which includes but is not limited to equipment, pole locations, pole branding information, and damage assessment information while updating the power utilities digital mapping systems.

NESC Clearance Audits

TechServ offers a complete National Electric Safety Code clearance audit. Mostly conducted hand in hand with system inventories, TechServ can visually inspect and report NESC power to communication cable clearance issues, communication cable to ground, mid-span, and much more.

Mapping and GIS Support

TechServ has developed a dedicated GIS department to better provide for our clients who are trying to improve, update or build from new, their current GIS System. Our GIS personnel has years of Geographic Information Systems/Science (GIS) expertise in support of multidisciplinary resource management, data creation and analysis, and delivery of fully integrated cartographic products. TechServ Uses ESRI ArcGIS Software.