Wind Farm Construction Management & Oversight Portfolio

On-site construction management and oversight services are available to owners of wind farm projects. TechServ Consulting and Training, Ltd provides a wide range of services necessary to complete the construction and in-service operation of wind farms. Being a leader in the construction coordination for distribution and transmission lines and substations, TechServ has the full experience and knowledge base to apply to wind farms. Several successful projects have been completed with the assistance of TechServ including the largest wind farm at the time of completion for E.ON Climate and Renewables. The specific services we provide include:

-Provide experienced personnel for civil road layout and construction, layout and placement of all foundations, layout and installation of all underground collection systems, site substations, and overhead distribution and transmission lines required for the site.
-Provide experienced personnel to inspect all turbine and tower components upon arrival for any damages, supervise safe lay down of the components on the site and ensure the safe and proper erection of all turbine towers, nacelles and blades.
-Provide contractor coordination, scheduling and monitoring for meeting milestones on the construction project.
-Provide construction safety oversight to assure that each contractor is meeting the safety requirements of the contract.
-Provide landowner interface to address any issues arising during construction. Decisions for the resolution of all issues are recommended to the owner.

1. BP Wind energy
2. E.ON Climate & Renewable
3. National Wind Power - Texas


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