Why TechServ

TechServ has spent 30 years developing a methodology and approach to inspection services that supersede the industry norm for inspection. TechServ's workforce has grown to more than 600 employees over the last several years due to our dedication to excellence and attention to detail. We are a registered engineering firm in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

30 years

For 30 years, TechServ has put a great amount of effort into finding, developing, and training highly qualified and experienced employees for our jobsites. Our employees come with a great deal of knowledge in necessary craft skills they apply every day to the job.

Safety and Execution

We have created a formalized training program that allows us to develop and train our employees to have the skills needed to perform at high levels. Our employees work together with internal and external designers and engineers to fully understand the scope of a project. They understand what the best practice is in both safety and construction.

TechServ has trained and experienced employees who work directly with our clients to provide exceptional service and quality assurance. We perform post-audits to chack that project deliverables were accurate, met defined standards, and were done as expected by our client. The project QA/QC process at TechServ is second to none.

TechServ Employees

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